Sugar free cottage cheese dessert with strawberries

If you have a sugar free diet or simply prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, here is a fantastic dessert recipe for you. Get your Yummy Sweet Sweetener ready and head to the kitchen!


300 g strawberries
500 g cottage cheese
300 ml sugar free cream (30%)
5 + 1 measuring spoons of Yummy Sweet sweetener
3 packs of diabetic vanilla flavoured sugar
1 pack of cake jelly
diabetic biscuits

We take a bowl and first we lay dawn the strawberries cut in half. We prepare the jelly and we pour it onto the strawberries. We put the bowl into the fridge.
In another bowl we mix the cottage cheese, 5 measuring spoons of Yummy Sweet sweetener and the diabetic vanilla flavoured sugar. Then we prepare the whipped cream with 1 measuring spoon of Yummy Sweet sweetener. Once it isready, we mix it into the cottage cheese.
We take out the strawberries with the jelly from the fridge and we put the cottage cheese mix gently on top of it. At the end we put the diabetic biscuits on top.
We put the whole dessert back into the fridge for some hours. Before serving, we flip the dessert out of the bowl and onto a tray so that the stawberries with the jelly are now on the top.

Nobody will notice that this dessert is not made with sugar. Not even you. Enjoy!

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