Are you upset because nothing tastes the same with sweetener?

Yummy Sweet Red tastes like sugar

You can enjoy your food again just like when you used sugar but with 0 calories!

Sweetening is the key point of the preparation of a nice tea, caffee, dessert, biscuit or any other food or beverage. If it does not work well, it can ruin the whole experience.  

All sweeteners are expected to taste like sugar but in reality very few live up to this promise.

Sweetener: Yummy Sweet Red

To substitute 1 kg of sugar only costs £1.60

How to use Yummy Sweet Red

You can use Yummy Sweet Red just like sugar but you need only about 170 times less of it for the same taste. In the package a measuring spoon is provided for you to assist you in the measurement. Suggested amount: 1 measuring spoon = 1 table spoon. 

One of its most important advantages is that it dissolves easily in cold drinks, frostings, dough or anything as opposed to other sweeteners. 

I have already tried many brands of sweeteners...

“The product is perfectly fit to replace sugar used in daily practice. I’ve been using it for 3 months with coffee, tea, milkshakes, lemonade, etc and I use Yummy Sweet in all these instead of sugar.

It has no aftertaste or off-flavour. For a large pot of tea, for example, I use less Yummy Sweet than the amount of powder there is in a medicine capsule.”

– Andrew S.

You only need a tiny bit of it...

“This is an excellent product. I bought it first in early spring this year, and it was a great success with the family.

By now I’ve bought it almost for everyone in the family, even for my two neighbours. Everyone liked it. I also use it in cakes and no one has noticed that there is no sugar in them.”

– Lisa L.

Yummy Sweet Red
Taster Pack

4 kg of sugar

We recommend this pack to those people who have not experienced the great taste of Yummy Sweet yet but would like to try it. It is also a good choice for those who do not use a big amount of sugar in general. 

£ 9.90
  • The taste is guaranteed.

Yummy Sweet Red
150 g

25 kg of sugar

This is our most favourable product because of the fact that it substitutes a large amount of sugar. 
Its packaging is practical and durable. 

£ 39.90
  • The taste is guaranteed.

Blueberry Yoghurt Dessert with Yummy Sweet - video

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