Guilt free has never tasted so good

Imagine a world without chemical, artificial aftertaste. Imagine a sweetener that tastes just like sugar. Imagine your favourite desserts just like they tasted back in the good old days.


If you’ve been disappointed by the weird aftertaste of all the sweeteners out there, you are in for a nice surprise.

Most of the intense sweeteners claim to “taste like sugar” but until now you couldn’t really find one that actually delivers on that promise.

Sometimes it’s just a bland, empty sweetness but often they have an artificial, metallic, or some other weird aftertaste.

Yummy Sweet was made specifically as an answer to this problem. We’ve been working on it for close to ten years, and it’s truly amazing.

The taste does not change when exposed to heat so you can use it freely to sweeten cakes, preserves, hot drinks, or anything cooked or baked – no one will notice you didn’t use any sugar.

It’s also very economical – a tiny pinch replaces a teaspoon of sugar.

The bottle comes with a measuring spoon to help you with proper dosage (which is key to achieve the full flavour you desire).

Safe and yummy

We wanted to create a sweetener that our friends and family can enjoy – whether diabetic or just watching their sugar intake for other health reasons. We wanted something that tastes really good while still being economic.

After several years of testing and trying different combinations we came up with a unique formula. It’s a blend of the good old cyclamate and saccharin, the amazing tasting sucralose and some acesulphame-K to boost sweetening power without any aftertaste.

One substance we avoided from the start was aspartame. We believe that even though you only need to use a tiny amount of this non-caloric sweetener, it should still be healthy and it shouldn’t contain ingredients that are controversial at best.

As we said, ourselves, our family and friends use Yummy Sweet as well, so… consider yourself someone we really care about 🙂

With our no-questions satisfaction guarantee there is really no reason why you shouldn’t try Yummy Sweet.


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