Yummy Sweetener


Stop putting up with the bad aftertaste of sweeteners!
If you've been looking for the perfect sugar flavour without the calories, carbs or aspartame, you can stop searching. 

This is it.

Sweetener: Yummy Sweet Red

Don't spoil a good tea (or coffee) with a bad aftertaste. Try Yummy Sweet for that perfectly sweet experience.

  • 0 Calories, 0g Sugar, 0 Glycemic Index
  • Substitutes 25 kgs of sugar
  • Natural sugar taste without the "artificial" off-flavour
  • Dissolves easily in cold drinks, frostings, dough, anything
  • Heat stable so it will taste just the same after cooking or baking
  • A blend of safe, non-nutritive ingredients (contains no aspartame) for that perfect sweetness

100% Yummyness Guarantee!
If you didn't find that Yummy Sweet tastes better than any of the calorie-free sweeteners on the market, let us know and we'll refund you the price of the purchase. We absolutely trust this product and we're certain you will love it too.

Big power in a small package

Did you know how intense Yummy Sweet red really is?

One bottle replaces 25 kg of sugar!

That means you can bake a whole cake with only 1/4 teaspoon of sweetener.

This bottle will last for several months, even if you and your family are using it every day.

(Don't worry, we provided a tiny measuring scoop in the bottle so that you can get the amounts just right.)

Do you like to save money?

Then check out this comparison. As you will use Yummy to replace sugar, it worth knowing how much it costs you exactly to replace the same sweetening power of sugar. (We took the lowest available prices of all the other sweeteners, and the highest price of Yummy Sweet Red.) Can you see what we mean by "economical"?

Product Name



Sugar equivalent

Price / 1 kg sugar

Yummy Sweetener



25 kg


Canderel tabletop













0.9 kg







SweetLeaf Stevia










Wholesome Zero















Don't take our word for it:

"I have diabetes, I have to inject insulin, and I am very satisfied with this sweetener. I’ve been using it for two months and even my family members have taken to it because it just doesn’t have any aftertaste." – J. Wilkey

"The product is perfectly fit to replace sugar used in daily practice. I’ve been using it for 3 months with coffee, tea, milkshakes, lemonade, etc and I use Yummy Sweet in all these instead of sugar. It has no aftertaste or off-flavour. For a large pot of tea, for example, I use less Yummy Sweet than the amount of powder there is in a medicine capsule.” - Andrew S.

"I’ve been using this sweetener for about a week. I am a diabetic with insulin. When I first tried it, I was actually surprised because it really tastes like sugar and you only need a tiny bit. I am so glad that I’ve come across this product. It is also very economical.” – Susanne H.

Do you want to try Yummy Sweet?

For a limited time you can request a free 10-pack sample of Yummy Sweet sweetener to try it out.

All you have to do is cover the shipping (£1.20 anywhere in the UK), sign up with your name and email, and tell us where to send it.

We're certain you'll love it just like thousands of our customers do, so we hope to welcome you as one of our cherished customers after trying out Yummy Sweet.

Just click the button to get your taster pack:

Real sugar experience

Most of the intense sweeteners claim to “taste like sugar” but until now you couldn’t really find one that actually delivers on that promise.

Sometimes it’s just a bland, empty sweetness but often they have an artificial, metallic, or some other weird aftertaste.

Yummy Sweet was made specifically as an answer to this problem. We’ve been working on it for close to ten years, and it’s truly amazing. It provides you with a full taste of sugar and does so without any off-flavours.

The taste does not change when exposed to heat so you can use it freely to sweeten cakes, preserves, hot drinks, or anything cooked or baked - no one will notice you didn’t use any sugar.

It’s also very economical - a tiny pinch replaces a whole tablespoon of sugar.

The bottle comes with a measuring spoon to help you with proper dosage (which is key to achieve the full flavour you desire).

Yummy Sweet is also readily soluble in cold substances..

“This is an excellent product. I bought it first in early spring this year, and it was a great success with the family.
By now I’ve bought it almost for everyone in the family, even for my two
neighbours. Everyone liked it. I also use it in cakes and no one has noticed that there is no sugar in them.” – Lisa L.

“I’ve been using Yummy Sweet for years now. I purchased my first box from my naturopathologist and I’ve never bought sugar since.
This product is highly recommended for people with diabetes.
I could not stand the taste of other sweeteners (let alone their side effects) but this one is really good. Last year we sweetened all our preserves and jams with Yummy Sweet yet none of our guests noticed that they were not made with sugar. I recommend it to everyone.” - Peter H.

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