Yummy Sweet sweeteners for bars, coffee houses or restaurants

Sweetener in small portions for coffee

Amaze your guests using sweeteners

The most important part of hospitality is to provide a pleasant experience to your guests so that they seek our services again and again. This means stability and growing sales for you. 

In recent years diabetes and obesity are affecting more and more people. Because of that diets and weight loss programs became very popular. Parallely the demand for sugar-free products is also rising. 

The biggest problem with sweeteners is their aftertaste. It can ruin the flavour of the dish or drink; which is something that nobody wants to experience. 

Our Yummy Sweet sweetener creates a perfectly sweet taste just like sugar. You will be amazed. You have never experienced such a sugar-free flavour before.

Benefits of Yummy Sweet

  • Provides a perfectly sweet flavour just like sugar
  • Does not change the original flavour of the coffee, but rather inhances it
  • It dissolves fast unlike other sweeteners
  • It has no aftertaste in your mouth after drinking your coffee
  • 92 % of the sweetener is eritritol

Use this instead of sweetener syrups:

Use our Yummy Sweet Bar sweetener to prepare sugar-free drinks

Our Yummy Sweet Bar product gives a perfectly sweet taste to all your hot and cold drinks such as tea, lemonade or coctail. 

It dissolves immediately and does not alter the flavour of your drinks. Nobody will notice that they are not made with sugar. 

If you taste a drink with Yummy Sweet, you might find it more pleasant than with sugar. 

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